Kansas Bar Association Member Discount Program

Only available for members of the Kansas Bar Association

Professional Programs

Our Professional programs are  used by legal professionals, judges, DCF, KS Legal Services and even pro-se litigants across the state. 

The best choice for lawyers with higher volumes of cases involving child support calculations.  It provides high quality calculations with unlimited case calculations capability.

KS Bar Members are eligible for a 20% discount on new AND renewal subscriptions for standalone products.
(not applicable to network or thin client orders)!

Child Support Tools

ChildSupportTools.com provides the same high quality tools as our Professional version but these programs are totally cloud-based - you can access your data any-time, any-where, on any device where you have acces to the internet!

The best choice for lawyers with only occasional needs for child support calculations, ChildSupportTools.com is more affordable yet does not skimp on features or quality.

KS Bar Members are eligible for a 25% discount on purchases of 10-case packages!


Discounts available on renewal and NEW purchases starting Jan 1, 2022

To Purchase you must first log into the KSBar.org web site and then click on the Member Services page.
There you will click on the Bradley Software link.