About Bradley Software Child Support Calculator Software

Software for the Legal Profession since 1992

Bradley Software LLC has been providing family law software since 1992 to judges and attorneys in Missouri and Kansas, and now Texas!

Originally formed in response to the requests of judges and attorneys for copies of child support software developed at Short, Borth, and Thilges, a matrimonial law firm in Kansas City, Bradley Software is celebrating more than 30 years of service to the legal profession.

Over the years, our products have expanded to include child support calculators for Missouri and Texas, ArrearsMaster®, and the Bradley Parenting Time Calculator®.

Bradley Software products are trusted in the offices of child support enforcement officers, court trustees, and over 800 lawyers and judges across the Midwest.

Backed by a "Full Satisfaction" guarantee, the Bradley Child Support Calculator has become the "gold standard" for child support software in the Midwest.

Since early 2022, Bradley Software has been operating in collaboration with Easy Soft Inc., a LEAP Group Company.

FOUNDER Biographies

J. Bradley Short

J. Bradley Short
FOUNDER: Bradley Software;
Retired; former Senior Member, Short, Borth & Thilges, Attorneys at Law, LLC, Overland Park, Kansas.

D. Randy Spivey

D. Randy Spivey
FOUNDER: Bradley Software
Owner/CEO of SOHO Information Systems Consulting, Inc. since 1997