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Prepares arrearage calculations with interest for past due support obligations

All too often, an important component is overlooked in collecting unpaid support obligations for child support and alimony (spousal maintenance). That component is the interest which is automatically earned on every support payment which is not fully paid on time!

Overlooked interest often forms a substantial part of the total amount due. This is particularly true in states (like Kansas) where support payments are first applied to the support due for the current month, then to unpaid interest, and only then to unpaid support arrears.

The ArrearsMaster® program is constantly updated to reflect any changes in applicable state interest rates. The interest rates applicable are automatically determined by the date of the interest assessment (i.e., when the interest needs to be recalculated due to a payment being made or a support obligation falling due or other legally determined date, such as the last day of the month in MO), and by the state designated on the Case Data Page, using a two digit postal designator (e.g., MO or KS).


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