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Prepares a parenting time worksheet in accordance with Kansas Administrative Order 287, section E.2.

One of the changes included in the Child Support Guidelines originally approved by the Kansas Supreme Court in Administrative Order 180, effective January 1, 2004, was a new provision requiring that a child's school or daycare hours be ignored when calculating a parenting time adjustment.

As a result of the change, Kansas lawyers, judges and parents must literally "count the hours" in evaluating parenting participation and calculating child support worksheets.

The Bradley ParentingTime Calculator® was born of this change and is designed to quickly and graphically evaluate parenting participation. The program calculates the percentage of the child's non-excluding hours spent with each parent, and prints out a parenting "calendar" on a two week cycle. The Bradley ParentingTime Calculator® also links up with the Kansas Child Support Calculator to provide suggested parenting time adjustment amounts.

Annual Overnight Calendars are also available. Provides the ability to create an annual calendar for up to 6 children. Each calendar shows the parental custody for each day. A summary is included to show % custody allocation for each child and for the family. Easy input using included templates of most common situations or customize the calendar for the case. Overnight calendars also have the ability to set holiday schedules and be able to show the holidays on the printed calendar. A holiday schedule shows each holiday for each child and with which parent the child spends that holiday. It's an essential tool for parents and for kids to know where they spend their time.

Easily applies the Texas Standard and Extended possession orders.

With the click of a button you can customize the calendar for your local area spring break weeks and any other holiday. In most cases the schdeules and calendars can reduce the size of a parenting plan from 50 type-written pages down to just a few typed pages plus these easily created calendars.


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