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Note: The programs shown are the 2024 programs.
(see note 5 below for IMPORTANT changes in the licensing of our products)
If you need to subscribe to network or virtual server editions please see bottom of page for pricing.

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1) Network and thin client versions are available but must be ordered using the ORDER FORM.(click to open order form)

2) Sales taxes will be added at checkout if applicable. Sales Tax is added for offices located in Kansas.

3) Contact us if you represent a not-for-profit entity so that we can provide instructions.

4) For detailed instructions regarding the on-line purchase and program registration process click here

5) The Combo packages include the Child Support calculator as well as the ParentingTime and ArrearsMaster programs.

6) Your subscription is valid for a 12 month period starting at the date of purchase. You will receive any program updates issued during that 12 month period. The program will NOT continue to run beyond the 12 month subscription period. Once the subscription expires you must purchase a renewal subscription to continue using the program. For example, if you purchased a subscription on August 1st of 2023, the initial subscription is valid for the 2023 program only. However, in January of 2024 when the 2024 programs are released, you will recieve an email stating that the 2024 programs are available. You just have to install the 2024 program and it will run fully. Then on August 1, 2024 the 2023 AND 2024 programs will no longer allow you to use it until a renewal subscription is purchased. You do not need to delete prior versions of the program from your computer; the program for each year will install into a separate folder. Indeed, you may want to keep the prior versions of the program available if you need to revisit a calculation for prior years in the future. You can however delete the old icons from the desktop.